05/2021: 3 new publications for Michelina PLATEROTI’s team

* January 2021: Giolito MV, Claret L, Frau C and Plateroti M (2021) A Three-dimensional Model of Spheroids to Study Colon Cancer Stem Cells. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), 167, e61783. 
* April 2021: Godart M, Frau C, Farhat D, Giolito MV, Jamard C, Le Nevé C, Freund JN, Penalva LO, Sirakov M and Plateroti M (2021) The murine intestinal stem cells are highly sensitive to the modulation of the T3/TRa1-dependent pathway. Development 148(8):dev194357. 
* May 2021: Frau C, Jamard C, Gaspard G, Guardia G, Machon C, Pilati C, Le Nevé C, Laurent-Puig P, Guitton J, Galante P, Penalva L, Freund J-N, De La Fouchardiere C and Plateroti M (2021) Deciphering the role of intestinal stem cell populations in resistance to chemotherapy. Cancer Research 81(10):2730-2744.