November 8th : 3 new publications for the unit

Team 1 :

  • The appendix orchestrates T-cell mediated immunosurveillance in colitis-associated cancer
    Maxime K Collard, Julien Tourneur-Marsille, Mathieu Uzzan, Miguel Albuquerque, Maryline Roy, Anne Dumay, Jean-Noël Freund, Jean-Pierre Hugot, Nathalie Guedj, Xavier Treton, Yves Panis, Eric Ogier-Denis
    Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2022 Nov 1;S2352-345X(22)00230-2.
    PMID: 36332814
    doi: 10.1016/j.jcmgh.2022.10.016
  • Unsupervised feature selection by a genetic algorithm for mid-infrared spectral data
    Analytical Chemistry. 2022 Nov 8
    Warda BOUTEGRABET, Olivier Piot, Dominique Guenot, Cyril Gobinet,
    PMID: 36346912

Team 2 :

  • Histone Deacetylase Functions in Gastric Cancer: Therapeutic Target?
    Amandine Badie, Christian Gaiddon, Georg Mellitzer.
    Cancers 2022, 14(21), 5472; (registering DOI)