Emergence of stem cells and tumor initiation (SMART)

The team investigates the mechanisms of embryogenesis and tissue homeostasis, whose alteration is involved in tumor initiation.  It comprises 2 groups entitled « Intestinal Identity: from Stem Cells to Pathologies » and « Human Hematopoiesis and Leucemogenesis » focusing on the digestive and hematopoietic systems. Studies concern stem cells, cancer stem cells and their interactions with the niches and the cellular and molecular microenvironment. Particular attention is paid (i) to the interactions involving cytokines (CXCL12) and hormones (Angiotensin), (ii) to the evolution of cellular programs and (iii) to homeotic transcription factors (Cdx2) and their targets and partners (Mucdhl, KU70/80, ASF/SF2, SRp30c), which are altered during the process of tumor initiation.