02/2022 : New publication (Emilie BERSUDER / Isabelle GROSS)

This study unravels the mechanisms of regulation of the atypical cadherin MUCDHL, namely by mesalazine which is used to treat chronic inflammatory diseases. The results obtained highlight the importance of the cellular and molecular context in the activity of mesalazine and suggest that its chemopreventive activity against colorectal cancer depends on the genetic alterations of the transformed cells. Eventually, a better stratification of patients could be envisaged.

Mesalazine initiates an anti-oncogenic ß-catenin / MUCDHL negative feed-back loop in colon cancer cells by cell-specific mechanisms

Emilie Bersuder, Chloe Terciolo, Mathilde Lechevrel, Elisabeth Martin, Celine Quesnelles, Jean-Noel Freund, Jean-Marie Reimund And Isabelle Gross

Biomedicine & PharmacotherapyVolume 146, February 2022, 112543.