October 7-9, 2022: “Fête de la Science” in Lingolsheim

On the occasion of the last edition of the Fête de la Science (October 7-9, 2022), our doctoral students (Mahassen El-Khoury, Jana Mourtada, Sevda Recberlik, Céline Sieffert, Chloé Thibaudeau, Ourania Vlami, Mathieu Vogt, Mingyi Wu) designed and animated the workshop “From the Molecule to the Patient: Development of Innovative Therapies to Fight Cancer” at the Village des Sciences de Lingolsheim (https://www.fetedelascience.fr/de-la-molecule-au-patient). Using a microscope and pipettes, they attracted many curious people of all ages and tried to answer all their questions about cancer research. Congratulations and thank you to them for this successful communication exercise with the general public!